Veterinary Compounding

How Compounding Can Better Treat Animals.

For Pet Owners


Flavouring medication makes administrating the drug easier as the animal is more inclined to consume the medication.

Dose Form

Dose forms available include capsules, creams, lotions, suspensions, and suppositories.


Like humans, animals can also find taking medication difficult. Compounds can be flavoured as well as off the shelf products. This makes administering the drug far easier for pet owners or may be crucial in circumstances where an animal is resisting life saving medication.

Accurate Dosage

Compounds are made to whatever appropriate dose is required. This means that an accurate dose for a specific size and weight can be produced as to best treat an individual animal.

Compounding caters to animals as individuals as to offer the best treatment available.

Discontinued Medication

We compound using the active ingredients and can recreate discontinued medication or be used to substitute medication that has manufacturing difficulty.

For Veterinary Clinics

We have a dedicated department for Veterinary Clinics.

Our veterinary section of this website may interest you in seeing services that will help your clinic and your patients.


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