STORZ & BICKEL Mighty Medic Vaporiser


MIGHTY MEDIC is Australia’s first vaporising device to be included on the ARTG to be used with Cannabinoid-Based Medicine. It is intended for inhalation of cannabinoids, the active ingredients from medicinal cannabis. MIGHTY MEDIC is intended for vaporisation of cannabinoids from dried, milled cannabis flowers only. Administering cannabinoids via a vaporiser ensures a faster onset of effect, compared to ingestion. This battery-operated device is portable, allowing dose administration on the go. Medicinal cannabis is a prescription medicine. Talk to your healthcare professional if you would like more information.

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What’s in the box

1 pc. MIGHTY MEDIC Vaporizer
3 pc. Lip Piece
1 pc. Power Adapter 240 Volt (suitable for AUS and NZ)
1 Set of Spare Seal Rings
3 pc. Spare Screen (approx. 15 mm)
1 pc. Herb Mill (approx. 59 mm)
1 pc. Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules
1 pc. Cleaning Brush
1 pc. Instructions for Use




The MIGHTY MEDIC uses a combination of air and radiant heating. Air heating provides continuous vaporisation, while radiant heating ensures vapour is produced right from the first breath. You can use the included Dosing Capsules to quickly and cleanly fill the Filling Chamber integrated into the Hot Air Generator. The Cooling Unit ensures the vapour cools down to an appropriate temperature.

The MIGHTY MEDIC is operated using plus and minus buttons, and the highly visible LED display is self-explanatory: once the actual temperature matches the individually adjustable target temperature, the device is ready to inhale.

Portable Vaporiser with patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction plus LED display.

Width: 8cm / Height: 14cm / Depth: 3cm / Weight: 235g. Temperature range: 40 degrees celsius to 210 degrees celsius.

Additional information

Weight 0.285 kg
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 14 cm