Our Involvement in Sports.

Pharmaceuticals in Sport

Our experience with developing treatments in sport ranges from Sydney to Hobart teams to the grass roots Saturday Sportsmen and Sportswomen

Treatment Development

Our Pharmacists use compounding to develop treatments that are tailored to the individual sportsmen or sportswoman.

Specialised Staff

Our Pharmacists not only have experience in sport and sports treatments but also have qualifications in sporting healthcare.

First Aid and Safety Fulfillment

We provide a service that delivers a customized safety packs. We apply this in the sporting arena and customize to suit individual sports and sporting levels.

Catering to the Professional Level


In response to an issue presented by a Sydney to Hobart team our compounding team developed an easy to apply fast acting treatment for sea sickness.

Sporting Animals

Our veterinary compounding Pharmacists have worked along side veterinarians to develop treatments for sports animals.

Sports Practitioners

Working with sports practitioners to better treat players and specific heath requirements allows sportsmen and sportswomen improved health on and off the field.