Medicinal Cannabis

Leading Pharmacy in Medicinal Cannabis Treatment

What is Medicinal Cannabis

Medical Cannabis refers to the use of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD as medicinal therapy to treat a range of symptoms.  These products are highly regulated to ensure product accuracy and patient safety.  In Australia, a Doctor’s prescription is required to access Medical Cannabis.  The Doctor needs be registered to supply Medicinal Cannabis, and needs to obtain government approvals to prescribe a formula for an individual.

There are over five hundred components within the cannabis plant including over one hundred cannabinoid compounds.  Due to this complexity, the benefits of Cannabis are still being discovered with great potential in a vast range of medical conditions.

Uses of Medicinal Cannabis

      • Epilepsy

      • Multiple Sclerosis

      • Appetite Stimulant

      • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

      • Palliative Care

      • Cancer Pain

      • Chronic Non-Cancer Pain

      • Addiction Therapy

      • Parkinson’s Disease

      • Arthritis

      • PTSD

      • Insomnia

Accessing Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis products can only be prescribed by an approved General Practitioner or specialist if they believe Medicinal Cannabis will help treat your condition.

Step 1

Contact us for a free consultation

  • Recommending a Doctor that would be suitable for you


  • Answer any questions you may have about Medicinal Cannabis

Step 2

Consultation with a Doctor

  • Obtain a valid prescription and government approvals for Medicinal Cannabis

Step 3

Submit prescription to us

  • Mail the paperwork to us


  • Drop the paperwork off to us in store

Step 4

Receive your Medicinal Cannabis

  • We will notify you when you can collect your medication

If the treatment only contains CBD, we can post it out to you and provide counselling information over the phone and through information sheets

What if your Doctor does not feel comfortable prescribing Medicinal Cannabis?

Medicinal Cannabis is a relatively new treatment for Australian prescribers and further training is required.

We can provide information to take to your Doctor and answer questions your Doctor may have about prescribing Medicinal Cannabis.

How We Help

Cannabis Support Staff

We have specialist staff to provide the best possible service for Medicinal Cannabis.

Pharmacists are available Monday-Friday from 8 AM – 7 PM, Saturday 8 A M – 4:30 PM AEDT.

Don’t hesitate to call or email.

We also visit Doctors to help educate the process of prescribing Medicinal Cannabis.

Leading Pharmacy in Medicinal Cannabis Treatment


  • Highly experienced staff

  • Information sheets

  • In-depth counselling

  • Strong connections with suppliers


  • Cannabis support staff to answer queries

  • Strong connection between prescriber, patient, and pharmacist

  • Fast and easy contact point

  • Educational material

  • Streamlined process for patients to submit orders

Strong Relationships with Leading Suppliers

Medicinal Cannabis Consultations

Book in a consultation with one of our pharmacists to assess if you may be suitable for Medicinal Cannabis

Our Pharmacists can help you find a suitable prescriber if necessary

    The Cannabis Access Clinic has a service which can also guide you to understanding if Medicinal Cannabis is appropriate for you.

    View their page here

    Driving on Medicinal Cannabis

    Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids

    Cannabidiol can cause drowsiness, fatigue and lower blood pressure.  These symptoms are more significant when taken with other interacting medications and at high doses.  Patients taking cannabidiol only medicines can lawfully drive, as long as they are not impaired.

    Legal issues for patients

    Roadside drug testing in Australia assesses for THC in saliva.  In NSW, it is an offence to drive a motor vehicle with the presence of THC in oral fluid, blood or urine.

    There is no medical exemption to these offences specified in the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW) for using a prescribed Cannabis Medicine. There may also be insurance implications for patients who are convicted of these offences.

    Difference Between Hemp & Medicinal Cannabis

    Significant Differences

    Below info derived from

    Hemp Oil

    Medical Cannabis Oil

    Plant Origin

    Cannabis sativa: fibrous “hemp” strain

    Cannabis sativa: flowering “medical” strain

    Part of Plant Used


    Mainly flowering heads, sometimes leaves and stems

    Breending Objective

    Strains bred to maximise seed and fiber production

    Strains bred to produce flowers rich in cannabinoids

    Cannabinoid Content

    Virtually no pharmacologically active compounds

    60+ cannabinoids, including THC and CBD


    Food, skin and hair care products


    Production Methods

    Pressing of seeds, similar to olive oil production

    Extraction of cannabis resin from the flower, typically using a solvent