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An advertisement for Life Space 100 Billion Powder Probiotic, which we published on this website, should not have been published.

In the advertisement we unlawfully made claims that the product could be beneficial in relation to serious diseases, conditions, ailments or defects including severe inflammation of the bowel, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, coeliac disease, leaky gut syndrome, pouchitis, diverticulitis and clostridium difficile infection.

A complaint about the advertisement was recently upheld by the Complaints Resolution Panel. We provided no evidence whatsoever to support the claims we made, and the Panel found that the claims were unlawful, misleading, and unverified and breached the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.

The Panel therefore requested that Pittwater Pharmacy and Evolution Health Pty Ltd publish this retraction.

The full text of the Panel’s determination can be found at: www.tgacrp.com.au/complaints - reference 2015/04/004

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