Colic and Wind Medication | Infant oral liquid

Infant Wind Drops

Colic and Wind Medication | Infant oral liquid

In response to the demand for a product that effectively treats wind in infants, our Compounding Department has developed a formula that has received outstanding feedback.

This compound is specifically formulated by our Compounding Department with the active ingredient Simethicone for the relief of colic and wind in the bowels.

Professionally compounded by our chemist, this preparation is mixed together according to a precise formula using ingredients safe for all ages.

We offer a one-hour turnaround time for patients picking up the compound in store.

Alternatively, we can post the compound Australia wide.

How to order:

Purchasing this compound can be done online by clicking on either of the items to the right. Ordering can also be done by calling (02) 99993398, emailing  or visiting our pharmacy.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to administer: 

Shake the bottle well.

Can be taken with milk, formula, or directly into the mouth.

Recommended dosage:

1 month – 2 years old:  Give 0.2ml before feeding.        

Over 2 years: Give 0.4ml four times a day after each meal and at bedtime. 

Maximum of 12 doses per day.

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